Laguna Beach Vintage

Laguna Beach, Ca

My love of vintage clothing has been a lifelong affair. When I was little, playing dress-up in my grandmother's closet was my favorite thing to do. She was the most fashionable woman I've ever met and dressed to the nines for every occasion. Her collection was vast, and her love for St. John Knits ran deep. I strutted up and down her closet in her Ferragamo heels and furs, her Dior sunglasses resting upon my nose. I was equally obsessed with her terry cloth rompers and Wrangler tube tops. But my favorites were the pieces she had held onto for decades: shiny 70s disco jumpsuits, a suit she wore as a secretary in the 60s, or the pastel pink dress my great-grandmother sewed her in 1958 for her senior prom. Through my grandmother, I learned that clothes are much more than a way to cover our bodies. The way we choose to adorn ourselves is a way to express our art, showcase our personality, and explore our sense of whimsy. My passion for clothes spilled into my schooling and I took courses in fashion history and design in college. My appreciation for vintage clothing has only grown since then, and I've come to recognize not only that every piece carries a story but also the benefits surrounding the environmental sustainability of pre-loved clothing. I decided to share my love of vintage clothing, and do my part in helping the environment, by opening my small business, Laguna Beach Vintage. I hope you love the pieces I've hand-selected as much as I do.