Vintage Pussycat Shop

New Jersey

Vintage style is not about trends or fashion, in my opinion. Its about creativity, self-expression, and fun. Discovering vintage helped me to develop a sense of style, and to use my appearance as a means of creative expression. I love being able to contribute to that sense of self-exploration for others, whether its through what they wear or the way they decorate their environments. My name is Laura, and I live in New Jersey, 20 minutes outside of NYC, with my partner and our cats. While I sell vintage full time now, I have a colorful work history that includes animal welfare and the financial industry. My partner is a former stand up comedian who now works as a sober companion, and who sells vinyl and CD's on a behemoth resale site. The cats do not contribute financially but they do provide stress relief (usually) and make us remember to take naps.