Vintage Kimonos

Though we now regard it as a beloved garment in modern fashion all over the world, the kimono has a rich history. Kimonos are a traditional Japanese style of silk robe that originated in the 8th century and evolved under the Wu Dynasty in China.

The kimono robe has remained a popular garment for centuries, and when you shop vintage, you are honoring the extensive history that comes with your robe.

Though it can be worn in or out of the house, vintage kimonos are a comfortably stylish option for anyone looking to elevate their loungewear. Exchange your old pajamas for a new vintage kimono robe.

The best way to honor the history of the kimono is to shop for vintage Japanese kimono robes. Coming in different patterns and pretty colors, you will feel glamorous and luxurious walking around the house in a vintage Japanese kimono.

Make comfort a priority by shopping for vintage silk kimonos. Silk is a soft and delicate fabric that flutters with every movement you make. This fabric will feel cool and comfortable against your skin. A silk kimono can provide full coverage while remaining light as a feather.

The kimono robe has a rich heritage and is suitable for going out or for staying in. However you choose to wear it, there is nothing more luxurious than a vintage silk kimono.