Sweet Ginger Vintage

Mayville, WI

Welcome to Sweet Ginger Vintage on Thrilling! This is the online shopping spot of the real life, brick and mortar Sweet Ginger Vintage that is located in Mayville, WI. Mayville is a sleepy little town of 5,000 in southern Wisconsin, just north of the Milwaukee area. But being a sleepy little town, we do not generate much foot traffic for our downtown stores! I own my circa 1873 Cream City brick building and ran a custom sewing business here for 15 years. Our lives changed dramatically when my husband and I adopted our daughter in 2009. She has significant special needs and a crazy, bridal focused sewing business no longer fit with the needs of our family. Rather than closing the business and leaving another vacant hole in the downtown we opted to recreate ourselves. Having been trained in college as a costume designer and working as a professional seamstress for almost the entirety of my adult life, vintage clothing is a natural fit for me (I've been sewing for 30+ years). The hats and accessories, and putting them all together make me giddy with joy. I have so much appreciation for the construction and detail of clothing and hats, many times I will hold onto pieces for myself for a long while before I can list them because I am studying them for reproduction and trying to take in all of the amazing construction details. Rest assured that every item I list in my shop is something that brings happiness to my soul, that I see a unique detail, color, or aesthetic to the piece that is worthy of preserving. I source through estate sales, auctions, rummages, and through personal shopping. Because I have a brick and mortar store in a small town people know me by name and track me down when they are down sizing or cleaning out estates. Also be aware that my online listings are only a small portion of the inventory I actually have. Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for something specific, you never know what I might have tucked away that I haven't had a chance to list yet!