Jeannette Custom Tailor Vintage

Champaign, Illinois

"Wear it in good health." This is what my grandparents, master tailors from Vienna, used to say to me when I got a new piece of clothing—even the wildest, worst, glitteriest numbers from the 90s and 00s. They always inspected seams and construction and had an eye for quality and design, but they also appreciated “fun clothes” and their grandchildren’s independent spirit. Jeannette Custom Tailor is an homage to their first shop in Leeds, England in the 1940s, and, later, the tailoring shop they opened in Toronto, Canada that served its local Jewish community for over 30 years. I've been collecting vintage clothing and homewares for the past 20 years and share with you, here, items I’ve either collected or found, inspired by my grandparents' spirit of sartorial discovery and expressing yourself through personal style. Wear them in good health.