Black-Owned Vintage Shops

Uplifting black voices and black-owned businesses is a great way to be an ally. As a company, Thrilling cares about supporting the company we keep.

Since 2018, Thrilling brings the best of the best vintage and second-hand clothes from over 1,000 of the highest quality boutiques. We are passionate about bringing one-of-a-kind pieces and rare deadstock to everyone, no matter where they are.

As a black and woman-owned business, we are all too familiar with the roadblocks that people of color face in the business world. That’s why this collection features apparel, accessories, and more from black-owned vintage boutiques.

This carefully curated collection aims to uplift marginalized voices while delivering only the best vintage styles. By shopping at your black-owned boutiques, you can support unique creators while also rocking the most iconic garments from fashion history. Shopping with intention is a powerful and fun way to get the pieces that are true conversation starters—in more ways than one.

Black creators have influenced every sphere of fashion and style but often don’t receive the recognition they deserve. At Thrilling, we are proud to stock the highest quality vintage fashions from black-owned small businesses.

When you shop vintage, you can shop small but make a huge impact.