About Us

Hi, we are THRILLING, the premier online marketplace for vintage  clothing, accessories, and collectibles from over 1,800 boutiques across the United States. 
We are the platform that powers all vintage sellers and makes every consumer on earth fall in love with shopping vintage. Our mission is to ensure every vintage garment makes it into a closet, instead of a landfill.
We  support small, local businesses. We give vintage shops the tools to expand their business online including: help setting up their digital storefronts, marketing, tech support, low and transparent pricing, and access to a community of other vintage sellers.
We support sustainability. When you buy vintage and secondhand, you are limiting  waste, and reducing the apparel industry’s harm to our environment. 
We support diversity. 95% of our sellers are women and/or BIPOC as well as our employees. 
We  support systemic change.  We are proud members of the American Circular Textiles (ACT) policy group alongside  alongside Circular Services Group, RRS (Resource Recycling Systems), thredUP, RentTheRunway, The RealReal, CaaStle, Trove, Treet, Recurate, SuperCircle, FASHIONPHILE, and Tersus.  We are working together  to advance textile reuse and create sustainable change in the fashion industry. 
Shilla Kim-Parker and Brad Mallow founded THRILLING in 2018 with a two-prong goal: to help minimize fashion’s impact on the environment and to help small vintage sellers thrive. By creating an e-commerce platform dedicated solely to vintage, we make it fun and easy to find unique, high-quality vintage online — no matter where you are and what you’re looking for.
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Are you press? Please email us at  press@shopthrilling.com.