Vintage Shorts

Whether you are the kind of person who commits to shorts year-round or is looking for the right styles to rock this summer, you cannot go wrong with a pair of vintage shorts.

Wear shorts in the style of athleisure and retro streetwear by rocking vintage basketball shorts. They are so versatile that you can wear them out casually or even work out in them.

Similarly, vintage NBA shorts are perfect for fans of the athleisure movement. Or, they can be a fun yet stylish way to show your support for your favorite team. Shorts aren’t all about athleisure, however. Vintage high-waisted shorts from the 1990s are a classic for a reason.

Shorts have a long history. In the late 1930s, even all the way to the 1960s, towns across the United States tried to ban women from wearing shorts. That couldn’t stop women: and now shorts are an iconic staple from the boardwalk all the way to the board room.

Everyone needs at least one trusty pair of shorts. Vintage shorts come in silhouettes and designs that are representative of all kinds of fashion aesthetics and time periods. Whatever your personal style looks like or whether you adore a specific decade’s fashion trends, vintage shorts are the best way to go.