Vintage Trench Coats

The weather is cooling down, snow is beginning to fall, and it is once again time to bust out the jackets and coats. This year consider adding a vintage trench coat to your winter ensemble.

Trench coats are typically longer, belted jackets that add an element of chicness and style to your wardrobe.

Dip your toes in the trench coat pond by first exploring vintage London Fog coats. The brand is a favorite among trench coat lovers and has many options, so you will certainly find a silhouette that suits you.

Nothing is quite as iconic as a Burberry trench coat. The luxury designer’s trench coat has been a trademark of their brand for decades upon decades, and it is a legendary piece of fashion to have in your wardrobe.

Your personal aesthetic does not need to be formal to be able to rock a trench coat. If your aesthetic is more punk fashion and grunge, you too can join in on the fad with a vintage leather trench coat.

Whether you go for the classic black leather or branch out into bolder colors like mahogany, you can elevate any ensemble with a vintage trench coat.

Vintage trench coats provide full-body coverage for those brisk days while still being one of the most fashionable jackets to wear this winter.