Vintage Slides & Mules

Comfort and convenience don’t always mesh, but slides and mules both manage both while also being extremely stylish footwear.

Slides and mules are styles of shoes that require minimal effort but create a maximum impact. You simply slide them on, and then you are ready to be on your way—no extra work required.

Vintage mules come in clutch for those moments when you want to wear a shoe that will compliment your outfit while still providing complete comfort. Mules are a style that has no constraint on the back of the heel. They can often be synonymous with clogs, a popular Dutch shoe style.

Vintage wooden mules are perfect for those casual days out where you still want to have a hearty dash of chic. The wooden tone of the shoe matches well with everything and gives off a charming aura.

If you do choose to opt for mules for a dressy night out, the best option for you is a pair of vintage platform mules. You have the height of a towering heel but have the clunky, bohemian charm of mules.

Vintage slides and mules are comfortable, stylish, and have a slightly modern appearance to them with all the appeal of retro aesthetics. You get the best of both worlds with these shoes.