Vintage Heels

Nothing can tie an outfit together quite like a stylish pair of shoes, and the best kind of show-stopping shoewear will always be vintage high heels. Whether you like a pair of heels to spruce up a casual outfit, enjoy rocking some stilettos on a Friday night out, or wear pumps at your 9-to-5, you cannot go wrong with a pair of vintage heels.

Heel styles have shifted dramatically over the decades but the classics always reappear. Our carefully-curated selection ensures that you can explore vintage heels of all decades and designs.

Anyone intrigued by the fashion of the 1960s might have an interest in a pair of vintage kitten heels, the iconic shoe style during that decade. Or, if you are more of an ’80s enthusiast, vintage, chunky heels might be more your style.

There is an abundance of vintage heels from vintage boutique and deadstock brands, but there is also plenty of selection for heel lovers with an affinity for luxury designers. Vintage Gucci heels could be a fun addition to your shoe rotation, or perhaps a pair of vintage Dior heels for those upscale nights out.

Heels are timeless shoes that are a sure way to elevate any outfit. Thrilling offers a wide range of styles and brands so that everyone can add a perfect pair of vintage heels to their shoe rack.