Vintage Headpieces

A glamorous and timeless accessory that is critical for an outfit’s success is the headpiece. Headpieces are accessories that catch your notice; often, they are worn for weddings, but their history proves that they have a place in every realm of fashion.

Modern associations of headpieces typically fall on brides, but rulers like Cleopatra were notorious for wearing luxurious headpieces as crowns. Of course, most of us do not wear crowns on a daily basis (although we would support that trend!).

There are many ways to integrate headpieces into your regular lineup. Wearing a vintage headpiece, you can remind yourself of the regal history associated with the accessory and feel like royalty every day.

Many headpieces are intended for weddings, and if you are preparing for your special day, consider taking an unconventional approach while accessorizing by wearing a vintage bridal headpiece.

Vintage wedding headpieces come in all sorts of designs. For brides with an appreciation for dramatic looks, consider an 80s style headpiece with a poof or a hat attached. It gives a theatrical but glamorous effect. Or take it back even further with a Juliet Cap to exude Jazz Age elegance.
Whether you are a passionate fan of vintage hats or are looking for a new finishing touch for the perfect outfit, headpieces are ready for any occasion in your calendar.