Vintage Cottagecore

Dreams of frolicking through pastures in a flowy dress and retiring to your quaint cottage in the woods are the epitome of the cottagecore fashion aesthetic. Even if we are worlds away from the idealized cottagecore dreamscape, vintage dresses, outfits, and accessories can transport you in spirit.

Dresses are a key element of cottagecore, especially vintage prairie dresses from the 1970s. Prairie dresses have that rustic look about them that go hand-in-hand with the cottagecore ideal. These frocks often have floral patterns and puffy sleeves that make them look pastoral. They live up to their association with living simply, sustainably, and stylishly.

Corsets have become very popular within the cottagecore movement and are a great way to dress up a cottagecore outfit. Corsets are versatile in that they can be worn casually or even for a night out with friends.

Whether you choose to wear it over your top or prefer to layer underneath it, corsets are a modern-day cottagecore staple. If you are looking for original Gunne Sax pieces or authentic styles from decades past, shopping vintage can open up your eyes and wardrobe.
There is no one correct way to dress for the cottagecore aesthetic. This leaves room for your creativity: Choose from vintage prairie dresses, corsets, and any other flowing frock-like clothes.