90s Vintage Clothing

Ah, the 90s. A decade of sullen rock music, Beanie Babies, MTV, and hip hop. More importantly, however, was the iconic fashion.

Streetwear style was at its peak, grunge fashion dominated the scene, and individuality was appreciated more than ever.

Nothing says “90s” quite like grunge fashion. Baggy jeans, flannel shirts, and vintage tees are the best clothes to rock to properly pay homage to the classic styles of the grunge era. Denim was a key player in 1990s grunge fashion, so channel your inner Kurt Cobain with some vintage jeans or a denim jacket.

Accessorizing was a critical component of 90s fashion, and the vintage accessories from that decade that are waiting to be worn out once again are endless. Vintage Gucci bags and vintage Coach bags from the 1990s would spruce up any outfit, as would a 1990s Gucci watch.

Women’s 1990s fashion is truly diverse and inclusive. Women and men alike bonded over the loose-fitting grunge aesthetic, accented with a wide array of plaid skirts, tube tops, and cardigans. Plus, mom jeans aren’t just for moms. This beloved denim silhouette is a favorite for a reason, pairing fashion with comfort.

90s fashion never really left us, but vintage pieces can bring back those memories of walking to Blockbuster and reading Goosebumps under the covers.