Plaid Skirts Are Trending: Here's Our List

  Plaid skirts are an iconic fashion statement.

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Plaid skirts are an iconic fashion statement. They’re instantly noticeable, terribly chic, and a must-have in anyone’s closet. Here’s how to rock this blast from the past. 

Plaid Skirts Are Always in Style

Plaid skirts might make you think of Cher and Di strutting through high school in Clueless or Cady Heron’s plastic makeover in Mean Girls. However, plaid skirts have always been in style, on-screen and off. Before plaid skirts took on modern fashion, they began as kilts in the Scottish Highlands. 

Every decade since the ‘50s has its own iteration of the plaid skirt. The ‘50s saw skirts that were worn at the waist, with full gathers that mimicked the style of a poodle skirt. In the ‘70s, plaid skirts’ forms became sleeker, shorter, and more pencil-like. By the ‘90s, the plaid skirt underwent another shift and became a full-on mini, popularized by trendsetting icons of that era such as Britney Spears. Today, plaid skirts are as popular as ever, appearing on everyone from Addison Rae to Sarah Jessica Parker

Adding to the beauty of a perfect plaid skirt is the limitless amount of styles, colors, and shapes. Because they’ve been around for so long, all you have to do is decide which skirts represent your style best. 

10 Plaid Skirts To Consider Adding to Your Wardrobe

Plaid skirts have become a timeless wardrobe staple, no matter their era. Plaid skirts are here to stay, and with so many options, you’ll definitely find one that’s perfect for your unique style. 


Plaid mini skirts are a necessity in every person’s wardrobe. The key is finding the right plaid and cut that speaks to you and represents your style. For example, a wrap mini is an awesome way to create a line that elongates your legs and accentuates your waist, while a pleated mini will give you more of a retro shape. 

When choosing a plaid mini, it’s important to find one you can effortlessly pair with the clothes you already have. Throw this skirt on with an old T-shirt and boots for a night out or with a button-up for a trip to the Met. Here are some plaid mini skirts to inspire your next plaid mini purchase. 

’70s Yellow and Black Tartan Mini

You really can’t go wrong with a plaid skirt that has a splash of yellow. This skirt feels like a direct homage to Clueless’ Cher Horowitz. It’s a little longer than your standard mini and could be rocked with a blazer and boots for a casual, preppy look. 

’60s Tartan Mod Mini

This navy and emerald mid-length mini, with thin red and yellow lines, provides a classic feel that harkens back to the Highlands. The shape and colors are simple, letting the thin plaid lines do all of the talking. 

’60s Plaid Wrap Skirt

This asymmetrical plaid mini has everything you could ask for if you want to keep your style bold and sophisticated. The colors of the plaid pop, while the fringe along its side accents your body’s natural curves.

This mini would pair perfectly with tights and loafers if you're going for an authentic late-‘60’s/early-‘70s feel or a t-shirt and chunky boots for a ‘90s-inspired look. 

’90s Green Plaid Wool Skirt

This ‘90s plaid skirt doesn’t hold back. It looks like a classic plaid mini from the waist to the ruffle, but its side buckles and a thick ruffle add length. It’s a wonderfully detailed piece meant for the boldest of fashionistas. 

’60s Tartan Mod Mini Skirt

When deciding on a plaid skirt, it’s as important to think about how the skirt makes you feel—this skirt provides a retro sensibility for fashion-lovers who embrace the classics. This classic plaid skirt will always be a good idea, and going with your gut will help you find the purest representation of your fashion essence, whether you pair it with Doc Martins, Chuck Taylors, or Mary Janes. 

Midi and Pencil

Midi and pencil skirts walk the fine line of being classy and playful. They carry that same retro school-girl feel, with length that adds a degree of sleek sophistication. When paired with tennis shoes and a T-shirt, a plaid midi can represent a school-girl-rock feel. You can even style it with a billowy top tucked in for cool-girl-at-the-office vibes. When looking for a midi or pencil skirt, you want to find one that hits you at mid-waist and doesn’t go longer than your mid-shin for a classic silhouette. 

’80s Red Plaid Pleated Midi Skirt

This type of plaid is maybe the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the term “plaid skirt.” This classic red plaid represents the style in its purest form. This red plaid really takes over, making it a subtle statement piece.

If midi isn’t your thing, we’re all about modifying pieces to be exactly what you want. This would convert to a mini beautifully, too.

Plaid Pencil Skirt

This skirt is another perfect example of a bright red, classic plaid—and of how a difference in shape can entirely change a skirt’s energy. This silk pencil skirt is fully lined and has an undeniable air of sophistication. 


If mini, midi, or pencil plaid skirts don’t speak to you, there are other, more abstract takes on traditional plaid. Choosing a plaid that's cut on the bias or made from thicker wool are both cool options when looking for a skirt that has an extra layer of uniqueness. 

Brown Plaid Wool Skirt

This rich chocolate and cream thick wool skirt is the definition of lush. As a perfect skirt for winter style, it will be sure to keep you warm. This skirt has gorgeous thick belt loops around the waist, making the possibility for belt pairings endless.

The pleats around the waist are sleek, which is something that’s hard to do with thick wool, and the skirt is full. Pair this with a pea coat, over tights, or a long-sleeved top to stay extra warm in the cold while also looking incredibly cool and stylish. 

’70s Diagonal Plaid Skirt

This wool-blend skirt is cut on the bias. which means the fabric was cut diagonally to facilitate an incredible drape. It lays beautifully while the plaid creates a very cool look. The diagonal lines will form to your body nicely, hugging your hips while feeling slinky and moveable. 

Styling a Plaid Skirt

When styling a plaid skirt, remember that you decide the energy of your outfit. You can’t go wrong with a chunky shoe or oversized top, whether you’re going for a more casual or formal look, but honoring your personal vibe is the most important styling tip.

  • Pair it with a loose white button-up and a tie for a retro school-girl feel.
  • Tuck in a satin or silk top or button-up.
  • Wear it with your favorite band T-shirt, tights, and boots.
  • Add a crewneck sweatshirt and tennis shoes.
  • Be bold with your boots—consider chunky platforms or knee highs. 
  • When rocking a muted plaid, opt for a brighter boot or belt. 
  • Choose a chunky oversized sweater and tuck it in.
  • Be yourself! 

Fashion Forward

Plaid skirts are all about attitude. You decide which elements of them are elevated and which are softened. Luckily for us, the best plaid skirts have already been made. They’ve been a part of fashion for decades, so the options we have for them are close to limitless. Plaid skirts represent a subgenre of fashion that is the perfect mix of punk, prep, and poise. By shopping at Thrilling, you can be sure that your plaid skirt purchase is sustainable and supporting small local businesses.


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