Vintage Ties

One of the most underrated forms of accessorizing is with ties. Though typically associated with men’s fashion, ties are a wonderful opportunity for anyone to express their individual aesthetic. With ties, you can experiment with playful patterns and colors without it dominating the entire outfit.

The 1970s were an era of bold patterns and colors, and that is especially true of the ties that came out of that decade. Perfect for a stylish accent in the office or just to spruce up your daily wardrobe, vintage ties can do it all.

If you love the look of the American West, you can join the rodeo revival with a vintage bolo tie. Bolo ties are unique forms of neckties: They consist of a cord tied around the neck with a decorative aiguillette meeting in the middle. Bolo ties are a wonderful avenue to add some iconic gems and metal accents to your look.

If your sense of style is a little more quirky, but you want to rock a necktie, vintage bow ties might be right up your alley. They are suitable in any setting and will set your outfit apart from the crowd.
Vintage ties are timeless, stylish, and diverse in their patterns and silhouettes. They can add a dash of formality, whimsy, or subtle sophistication that is perfect for any space you stroll into.