Los Angeles, CA

thekaliman is my life's work, a revolving collection of vintage pieces that I have put together over the years. it is a small one person store online and at the Melrose Trading Post every Sunday but the second Sunday I'm at the Rose Bowl Flea market but not for too long as I'm moving only online and starting my retirement.

the way I had approached my collecting and my inventory is based in a deep personal style choice. Vintage to me is the perfect piece to add to the mix you use when dressing for any occasion whether is a dress, a jacket, a shirt or a coat. I don't do pants, t-shirts or jeans (I know), only if there is an exception

for this reason my vintage pieces has made it in to TV, Movies, Broadway shows, Theater productions, entertainers, celebrities, stylist, photo shoots, videos and social media

I work really hard finding the unusual and the best in design, and again my list of designer houses is as long as they are designers. some of my finds have ended in the runways of Paris and NYC (that I can track, I'm sure there are many more I don't know)

same for museums or archives of the design houses or shoe manufactures, it has been an honor for this Mexican Immigrant to contribute my cultural based eye and taste to the global conversation in style, fashion and off course recycle

there is not a harder job than the one I do, picking pieces to sell to the most demanding costumer in the fashion industry those who want, cheap, stylish, recycled pieces.

they keep me fresh and going, for that, thank you to all my costumers who had or will support my work and my business. love you all