She Pivots Podcast Merchandise

In partnership with Marie Claire, She Pivots celebrates women, their stories, and how their pivot became their success.Emily Tisch Sussman created She Pivots after leaving behind her decade-long career in DC politics. After having her first two kids and experiencing burn out she pivoted her career. We are in the midst of a massive societal shift and thousands of women are beginning to leave behind their old career for something different.

Traditional definitions ofsuccess have changed dramatically and our personal stories are playing a bigger role than ever in our professional journeys. She Pivots creates a space to celebrate these dynamic women.

Creating a collection that was sustainable and eco-friendly was important to the values of She Pivots. By reusing vintage shirts, sweatshirts, and jean jackets the She Pivots collection truly embodies the meaning of pivot.

If you or someone you know has pivoted you’ll love the exclusive collection of She Pivots merchandise. Ten percent of the profits will go towards the Children’s Museum of Manhattan Women and Families Shelter program.

Thank you and happy shopping!