Sewn In Vintage

Sod, Wv

If you’ve ended up here, hi! I’m Britney and I’m a lover of all things from days gone by, most notably vintage clothing. I have a habit of buying bulk lots of vintage clothes, keeping a piece or two, and getting rid of the rest. Thus, came the idea for this little shop. Instead of sending my unwanted pieces off to die at a thrift store, why not help get them in the hands of people that will love them as much as I do?! My goal for this shop is NOT for profit. My plan is simply to recoup my losses and the rest gets put straight into our local animal rescue, Boone Animal Rescue Coalition (B.A.R.C.), which I am an active member of. Funds help pay for vet bills, spay/neuter, and helping needy families feed their pets. So, it's a win win win situation. You get cool vintage threads for cheap. I get to work on redoing my wardrobe in all vintage finds. Animal rescue gets money to save lives. ❤️🐾