Vintage Penny Lane Coats

When you hear “Penny Lane,” you might think of the popular Beatles song, or perhaps the iconic character from the 2000 film Almost Famous. Maybe this phrase brings to mind a treasured style from years past—Penny Lane coats.

Penny Lane coats are fur-lined on the collar and wrists and are the perfect jacket for keeping warm and stylish throughout the cold seasons.

For those who swear by vegan fashions, don a faux-fur Penny Lane jacket to keep warm and look stylish. For a classier approach, opt for a Penny Lane suede jacket. You will look chic and cozy no matter where you are headed. Pair with your favorite boots for a head-to-toe ensemble.

Everyone has a fabric preference to match their own aesthetic. If you are a die-hard punk rocker, you would benefit from a Penny Lane-inspired leather jacket or even a black Penny Lane coat. Stay true to your sense of style while branching out with this classic silhouette.

If you are a 1970s aficionado, your closet is calling out for a Penny Lane coat. The style screams 70s rock star, almost like it’s been stripped off of a Led Zeppelin bandmate’s back.

No matter what your sense of style is, a Penny Lane coat is a must-have this winter season.