Ministry of Style

New York, New York

Neither of them ever expected that it would be a love of fashion and style that would put them into business together. After all, they met because of documentaries. Who could imagine that a natural blonde from South Africa, descended from a long line of sophisticated sewers – dressmakers, actually, would bond with a brunette from Brooklyn, turned into a blonde whose closet consists of black, black, black, and black, long as its Issey, Rei Kawakubo and Yohji?Colorful Bronwyn wore vintage when her husband, an amateur magician, made her appear in yes, a sparkly, colorful vintage dress. The first time Amy met Tim Gunn, the first thing he said to her was how much he loved her outfit ( a reworked, reimagined black Stevie Nicks-style vintage dress, with an attached southwestern beaded belt, a red Galliano for Dior motorcycle jacket and black and natural leather Rocket Buster boots). The Ministry of Style offers looks from the 1960’s to the late 1990’s. We select what we would wear or have worn. From delightful prints to solids in unexpected colors, we select and curate from famed designers and brands you may not know at price points for every budget. And you’ll be seeing some of Bronwyn’s skills and talents in her reimaged vintage pieces… for sale of course.

Price may have a lot to do with fashion, but it has nothing to do with style.