Vintage Liz Claiborne Dresses

One of America’s most beloved designers is Liz Claiborne. Claiborne was a trendsetter in more ways than one. Liz Claiborne created stylish but affordable clothes intended for chic business attire. Her company was the first Fortune 500 company to have a woman CEO, be founded by a woman, and have a woman as a chairperson.

Whether you are a working professional in need of fashionable looks to wear around the office or just enjoy rocking more formal clothing in your day-to-day activities, vintage Liz Claiborne is perfect for you.

An easy way to appear more sophisticated without expending too much effort is to throw on a dress. Liz Claiborne has you covered. Liz Claiborne dresses come in playful yet effortlessly classy patterns and colors. They add some flare to your wardrobe while still maintaining professionalism.

Liz Claiborne skirts are another fashion staple to have in your wardrobe. Skirts are flattering, sophisticated, and look great for any occasion. You can even pair the skirt with a Liz Claiborne sweater or boot for the ultimate nod to the iconic fashion of the 1970s.
Claiborne’s clothing looks amazing on everyone. We have a vast collection of authentic Liz Claiborne pieces, including plus size silhouettes and petite sizes too to fit all your professional and business casual needs.