La Boutique Resale

1132 Madison Avenue, 2nd & 3rd Floors, Ny, Ny 10028 (85 Street)

La Boutique Resale is currently the oldest Consignment Shop in America. In 1954, Encore Resale was founded as the country's first consignment shop. The original owner, Florence Barry, paved the way where thousands of consignment shops have opened in America over the decades. Today the same business model of people consigning luxury goods and the consignment shop reselling them at a small fraction of the original cost continues with La Boutique Resale at the same location at 1132 Madison Avenue since 1954, 68 years later. Over the decades tons for famous socialites and celebrities have either consigned their precious items or have made purchases with us. We have a great mixture of famous vintage designers as well as high end current luxury items. Our former first lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis consignments often filled the racks at 1132 Madison Avenue when she was alive. Our garments and accessories have made their way to many famous Tv shows and movies over the decades. Even today we are a favorite source to many studio costume designers, wardrobe personnel and stylists.