India’s Funky Finds

Ocean View, Delaware

I'm a Washington State native living in Southern Delaware.
I'm a co-owner in a small independent coffee shop and operate a small bookkeeping businesses on the side.

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and lived their until 2015. Sadly, I was widowed at age 34 from my highschool love. After this extremely life altering event and deep soul searching, I packed up my life in Washington, put the cat in the truck, and we moved out East. I've been trying to figure out my "new" normal ever since. I've tripped and fallen so many times I've lost count. However, I seem to keep brushing myself off and keep heading forward.

My love of vintage clothes started in my early 20'sn (when I could actually fit into most of it). Now I love the "hunt" for the items. I recently started reselling in the last 2 years. Vintage sizes don't always fit me, but I love cleaning them up and having them available for someone who will love them.