Craze Chameleon Studio

Washington, D.C.

Craze Chameleon Studio was established in 1999 by founder Aisha Keys, a model and an advocate for mental health turned fashion stylist.

CCS has become one of the must see vintage ateliers in D.C., NYC and L.A. .

At the age of 23, her distinct fashion style turned the heads of many people on the streets of D.C., this distinct fashion sense propelled her into a career as freelance personal shopper and fashion stylist to photographers, models, and musicians. Because of her ability to change her look from day to day, she was nicknamed the Chameleon; thus creating CCS - a studio of vintage clothing from the 20’s – 90’s. At the studio, Aisha creates masterpieces utilizing her creative eye and curated vintage collection. Through her original style and vintage apparel, she shows people how to put it all together and create their own unique fashion statement.