Breeze Valley Vintage

"Meandering through second-hand stores, yard sales, and flea markets has always delighted me. Not only do I find myself buying neon polka dot skirts from the 60's and weathered postcards from the 50's for myself, I'm constantly seeing things that I want to get for friends or family. I think, ""This is amazing! Someone has to have it!"" I decided to open up a vintage shop so I can share all these goodies with more than friends and family. I'm drawn to cheerful florals and botanicals, whimsical prints, and colorful embroidery. Shopping for a wide range of sizes is also important to me. Vintage clothing should be for every body, not just some bodies. While I reside in the Philadelphia area, my favorite trips are ones that include treasure-hunting! Breeze Valley's finds come from all over the country."