Vintage 90s Overalls

The 1990s were a time where casual streetwear was at its best, and one of the staple pieces of that era of fashion were overalls. Overalls were everywhere—from skater kids to hip-hop stars to even the characters on the hit sitcom Friends.

Now that 90s fashion is making a comeback and overalls are coming back in full force, you can make waves when you rock vintage 90s overalls.

Hip hop 90s style had a lot of influence over the fashion industry and made overalls a huge part of the streetwear trends. Pay homage to your favorite throwback hip hop artists and their fashion legacies when you wear vintage 90s overalls.

Overalls are overall for everyone! Vintage 90s overalls come in all shapes and sizes, so everyone can partake in this iconic movement. Wear vintage baggy overalls if you enjoy a looser fit. Or, grab vintage overall shorts to stay cool in the summer with the hottest trends.

Perhaps if the traditional overall silhouette isn’t up your alley, consider boiler suits. Vintage boiler suits are similar to overalls but lack the straps and instead provide full-body coverage.

There are so many reasons to love overalls: ease of styling, comfort, exciting colors and patterns—not to mention all the pocket real estate. Overalls from the 90s are far from over. In fact, they are more popular than ever.