86 UpCycle

Bellville, Texas

Hiya everyone, welcome to my WORLD!

here's my story; 86 means to throw away, to get rid, or you are out of it. Then upcycle means to redo, recycle, make different. Soooo, it is a name, which too is different. I chose that name because it would make people wonder, use their imagination, and step outside their box! You can see it in their face as they ponder the name. Usually, as soon as I say, “86 that,” you can see a light bulb go off, oh yeah!!

At 86, you can walk in 10 times a day and see something different each and every time!! Not only do we love vintage, I mean really LOVE vintage things, we have also become our town's first consignment shop. 86 UpCycle is located in a very small town, about an hour outside of Houston, and we’re here to shake things up a bit, bringing the difference to this little town!

I would love you to take a look, see what you find, because there is always a treasure hidden, and sometimes in the most obvious of places! Slow down, enjoy things, take your time on this carnival ride called life. You only do it once, make it the best!


Tina Kay