The Perks of Pajama Dressing & Nightgowns for Daytime

  Oftentimes, it’s easy to throw on an oversized, ripped t-shirt and athletic shorts before crawling into bed for the night.

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Oftentimes, it’s easy to throw on an oversized, ripped t-shirt and athletic shorts before crawling into bed for the night. But there’s also an inexplicable bit of joy that comes with putting on an actual, fun pair of pajamas. After all, who doesn’t have at least one great memory of a pajama day or slumber party? 

There’s something about slipping on a silky set of pajamas that feels like luxury because it’s a special way to treat yourself to some added confidence and comfort. Fun or sexy sleepwear doesn’t even have to be exclusive to parties or the eyes of your partner. Wearing dressy nightgowns or lingerie for yourself is a great form of self-care and will give you that little boost of serotonin that we all love.   


The Perks of PJs

Sleepwear holds the potential to be extra fun and allows you to explore different styles because it isn’t held to the same social standards that everyday clothes are. In fact, it’s likely only to be seen by you or your partner (or your furbabies!) unless you really are taking it out to a party. This means no dress code; the only limit is your imagination. 

Aside from the stylistic freedom they bring, nice pajamas can also improve the actual quality of your sleep. Loose sleepwear like a nightgown lets your body feel freer and less restricted so that you can snooze soundly throughout the night.

Nighttime Glamour

Given that exploring different PJs can mean fun, guilt-free fashion, we’re always looking to try something new that can make us feel a little extra glamorous. A nightgown is an especially elegant, dressy piece to try out, and what’s more unique than a vintage piece? We have tons of options at Thrilling, and getting your hands on something that’s authentically retro or vintage will ensure that your clothes have individuality.  

Historically, feminine nightgowns date back to the seventeenth century and originally functioned as evening dresses that women wore out, later evolving into detailed sleepwear and lingerie. This explains their signature air of elegance. In fact, something like this ‘80s paisley nightgown is perfect if you’re looking for a piece that you can wear both in and out of the bedroom.

When it comes to treating yourself to a vintage nightgown, there are a ton of gorgeous options to choose from. Depending on your personal style, you may want to try…

  • A miniskirt.
  • A matching set.
  • A lacey nightgown.
  • A sheer nightgown.
  • A fun pop of color.


If you like showing a little leg, a nightgown that hits above the knee is a great choice to give you that flirty feel. This ‘90s blue satin nightgown from Victoria’s Secret is a cute, mini length. When you’re looking for something fitted and short to really show off your figure, this is the perfect find. It also includes a pretty, floral, lace detail that draws attention to the bust.

Let’s say you like a shorter nightgown, but you feel your best when your clothes fit more loosely. If that’s the case, something like this ‘70s black satin and lace nightgown makes for a classy, equally flirty look. This style is more of a relaxed “boyfriend fit” while simultaneously leaving some room for cleavage with its sexy, deep V-neck.   

Matching Sets

As if nightgowns weren’t elegant enough, many come in sets with long, flowing robes that add an outer layer to your look. A set can be an especially fun option if you’d like to start your night with a bit more coverage and strip down before you get cozy in the sheets. A transformation like this gives you an extra confidence boost because you’ll feel like you’re showing off two looks for the price of one. 

  • Soft and Dainty 
  • If you prefer lighter, softer colors for your complexion, consider going with a white or cream-colored nightgown. The transparent, flowing cape and skirt on this ‘50s robe set are very delicate and almost ethereal. Adding a net-like material with ribbon trim to your closet has the potential to make you feel like you’re in a fairytale.

  • Dark and Sleek
  • On the flip side, if you prefer darker tones and long, sweeping lines, going with a long, black set will make you feel sleek and powerful. A look like this makes for a commanding, mature presence.

  • Funky Prints
  • When you’re all about fun patterns, you can’t go wrong with an awesome animal print. Something like this brown leopard set by Vanity Fair is extra groovy and attention-grabbing.

  • Intimate Sets
  • There are pieces out there that toe the line between nightgown and lingerie. So, if you are looking for something sensual, a lace intimate set lets you show off your curves through its lace details. 

    Lacey and Sheer Nightgowns

    Similar to the intimate sets we highlighted above, there are plenty of stand-alone nightgowns made up of lace or sheer materials that are really reminiscent of lingerie. Whether you are dressing for yourself, a partner, or both, everyone can really benefit from feeling extra sexy every once and a while. Embracing and appreciating your body in all its glory is an awesome form of self-empowerment. 

  • Lace
  • Choosing a nightgown with a lace detail that extends down the entire front of the garment like this ‘70s glam nightgown makes for a really flirty reveal of the entire front of your figure. 

    If you like small details, this ‘80s black sweep nightgown includes some smaller, lacey keyhole features that show skin on the torso and top of the bust. We think the shape of this dress passes for actual evening wear, so you might even consider strutting it out to an event. 

  • Sheer Dresses
  • Equally sexy are nightgowns made up of sheer or see-through fabric, like this ‘70s bib nightgown. While dresses like these give you a lot of coverage, they will still show the entire outline of your body. This can be a really fun way to show off your shape while still feeling covered and cozy.

    Fun Pops of Color

    While neutral tones and shades of black can be classic and chic, pops of color can be really fun, spunky options. We love a bright red nightgown, as it makes for a really fiery, vibrant look.

    You might also go with a royal blue, like this ‘80s blue sweep nightgown. This is extremely similar to the black dress that we looked at in our lace section but in a very rich, deep shade of blue.

    Let’s Get Shopping

    Now that we’ve taken you through a variety of different looks, we hope that you feel really inspired to find your next awesome addition to your closet. Remember, sleepwear is the perfect category for exploring new, exciting styles that you may not have touched yet. And what’s more avant-garde than a one-of-a-kind, vintage nightgown? 

    Whether you want a cheetah print set to impress everyone on pajama day, a lacey look for date night, or a cute miniskirt to spice up your average Tuesday, you’re guaranteed the valuable ego boost that comes with treating yourself to a special outfit. 


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