Rock the Biker Look With Harley Davidson T-Shirts

If you’re looking to add a little edge to your outfit and aren’t sure where to start, we have your solution.

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If you’re looking to add a little edge to your outfit and aren’t sure where to start, we have your solution. Versatile, classic, and all-around cool- Harley Davidson t-shirts will effortlessly amplify your style. And no, you don’t have to ride a bike to rock the look.

Fashion is meant to help us embrace ourselves, our histories, and what we love. With Harley Davidson’s deep roots in history since the early 1900s, everyone has a tie to this classic American brand.

So whether you embrace the biker style on the daily or are just getting interested, there are countless ways to style a Harley Davidson t-shirt. We have three hot looks for you to try out.

The History of Harley Davidson

First of all, let’s touch on Harley Davidson and why their t-shirts should be in your wardrobe. The brand started back in 1903 and has been an American staple ever since. It’s more than just rocking the biker look, but carrying a little bit of motorcycle culture and nostalgia with you wherever you wear this t-shirt.

The Harley Davidson brand has changed over time, right with us all, and incorporating their brand into your look is a timeless yet casual move. It doesn’t get much easier than a t-shirt. And best of all, they’re comfortable! 

The Classic Biker Look: T-Shirt and Jeans

When you think of a biker, what do you envision them wearing? Without a doubt, you just closed your eyes and saw a person in jeans, black leather boots, and a leather jacket. Pretty cool, right? And best of all, the majority of these pieces are likely already in your closet.

Mimic this look to fit your own style by first grabbing your favorite denim jeans. Skinny or straight leg cuts are best for this traditional look since motorcycle riders wouldn’t want to risk their pants touching the pipes on the bike and stick to the closer fits. Though, if you’re not actually getting on a bike, you could spice it up with fit and flares- but we’ll get to that later.

Now, get yourself that Harley Davidson t-shirt. The logoed tees are simple and straightforward, or there are other styles that include graphics as well. For the purposes of this outfit, at least, stick with the regular tees rather than collared shirts.

From those, choose whichever fits your personal preference, long or short sleeved, in men’s or women’s cuts. If you have a women’s tee, you could either tuck it into your jeans or it may fall just above the beltline, depending on your figure. For men’s cuts, feel free to tuck in just the front (called a French tuck) to show your favorite belt or to define your figure.

Finish the look with your favorite black boots that come just above the ankle. You can choose a slip-on or a lace-up, whichever feels best for you. Add a totally optional leather jacket for some extra edgines. Now your classic biker look is complete. Feel free to freestyle from here. 

Accessorize with a set of black sunglasses, perhaps tie your hair back with a bandana, and add a bold bracelet or ring.

Add a Modern Twist With a Skirt

Not into jeans? No problem. Pair your Harley Davidson t-shirt with a black skirt to put a more modern spin on the classic look. Whether you want a dash of feminine edge or just added breathability, try this look to break away from pants for the day.

When choosing your skirt, keep comfort in mind but also think of the overall style you are going for. A high-waisted, loose-fitting skirt could add a bit of a pixie-like flair while also being comfortable. Or, go for a fitted leather skirt to stay truer to the biker vibe. Try an asymmetrical hemline to play up your punk-rock side.

Any of these skirt styles work well with a fitted Harley Davidson t-shirt. For the looser t-shirt cuts, experiment with knotting your shirt at different lengths and points to give your outfit even more of an edge. A bold knot in the center above the navel or a smaller bunching off to either side of your hipline are two fun ways to try this trend. Quick and easy, adjustable alterations like this can make any outfit truly your own in just seconds. Plus, this way, you don’t have to worry about permanently altering a piece of vintage clothing. 

Black tights, perfect for chilly weather, are an excellent accessory for this look. Have fun wrapping up this look with your favorite boots. Ankle, knee, or thigh-high heights all work with this hot look. Try a few pairs to see which speaks to you! This look leaves a lot of room to have fun and change things up.

Depending on how feminine versus edgy you want your look to be, add either bold or dainty jewelry accents to finish off. Bracelets, necklaces, and rings can all be added to further fit your own style. A sheer scarf could be a chic addition, as well.

Mix and Match Two Styles for an Original Take

If neither of the above is quite speaking to your personal taste, then let’s consider your look as the starting point. Starting with the pants, these style mash-ups may be for you if neither jeans nor a skirt is of interest to you.

The biker look has evolved so much over the years, so you can ultimately grab any point in time that you’d like, and their tees will fit. Create the ultimate vintage biker look with an awesome pair of non-traditional pants.

They could be denim, cotton, or any material of your choice. While not the classic, closer cut pants you may imagine a biker in today, the retro look of a flared pant is absolutely fabulous and will have all eyes on you anywhere you go. 

Still not your vibe? Stand out with a bold print on ’80’s or ’90s style pants to pair with a simple logo version of the Harley t-shirt. These are a super fun way to mix and match two styles into one rockin’, comfortable outfit.

However, you choose to mix and match your t-shirt, don’t forget to coordinate your shoes. Try slide-on sandals with flared pants or Converse sneakers with ’90s printed pants. 

Now Rock It and Ride On!

So what are you waiting for? Give the biker look a try, or boost your current biker style with these hot tips! Stick with the classic jeans and leather, add a chic twist with a skirt, or create your own style mash-up to bring a Harley Davidson t-shirt into your closet without diverging too much from your other statement pieces.

If you’re still not sure where to start, or simply don’t have a Harley Davidson tee (we can fix that here), try it on at home with other items you already own. Nearly any outfit you’d toss on a regular t-shirt could work. You’re going to look great.


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