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Meet Spreading Cheer, an online only vintage boutique based in Minnesota.

Meet Spreading Cheer, an online only vintage boutique based in Minnesota.

What attracted you to vintage?

I am inspired by vintage clothing because most pieces are unique and one of a kind. In addition, I am passionate about sustaining our environment and if you can wear great clothes and prevent them from going into the landfill, that's an extra bonus.

What inspired you to open your vintage shop?

I have been reselling clothing for a while now, not all of it is vintage. I was watching a YouTube video and saw a YouTuber selling vintage and the way she spoke of the quality and the styles was inspiring. I decided to look into it and have been blown away at the great clothing that is out there. When I find something special, it makes my heart race. It truly is a unique experience and I love sharing that passion with others through my store.

Tell us a little about your collection?

My store has a little bit of everything. I have clothing from 1940 to 2000s from casual to black tie. I like the eclectic nature of vintage clothing and putting different pieces and eras together to make a great outfit.

If you could dress any celebrity or public figure (past or present) who would it be? 

Marilyn Monroe

What is the hardest thing about being a vintage shop owner or collector?

The hardest thing is knowing the value of different pieces. It's hard to find comps because everything is unique. I do run comps on similar pieces but sometimes it comes down to what makes my heart race and what I think others will love.

Why did you decide to join Thrilling?

Suggesting from a YouTube video. I like reaching an audience that is as passionate as me when it comes to vintage.

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