Making the Most Of Hippie Skirts

  Many of us know a bohemian hippie skirt when we see one.

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Many of us know a bohemian hippie skirt when we see one. The floor-length, loose-fitted design still stocks the racks in many stores today and can be traced all the way back to the 1960s.

The flowy style was linked to the hippies’ quest for freedom and love, as the group was known for going against the grain in their exploration of recreational drugs and their stark opposition to the Vietnam War.

Functionally, loose hippie skirts are ideal for keeping you cool during the summertime, and stylistically, they are perfect if you are looking to add that beach-like aesthetic to your wardrobe. 

However, symbolically, they are even more special. They are an ode to the peace, love, freedom, and sexual liberation ideologies that pushed for social change throughout the 1960s and 1970s.   

Why Is Authenticity Valuable?

While we see plenty of skirts produced in the modern-day that are copycats of the historical hippie skirt, there are still authentic pieces out there that date back to older decades themselves. By putting in that extra effort to find an authentic, vintage item, you are purchasing an item that has more depth and tells a story. 

Not only that, but by purchasing vintage pieces, you’re supporting small businesses, and that is very “hippie-esque” of you. 

The Best Hippie Skirts To Add to Your Closet

Let’s take some of the mystery out of finding vintage items. Nowadays, finding authentic pieces is even easier with increased internet access and online marketplaces like Thrilling. With a little hunting, you can find hippie skirts in several different variations. 

It’s easier than ever to choose the best option for a particular season or occasion. And that is totally groovy. 

Our Top Favorites

  1. 70s Multicolor Printed Wrap Skirt

We really love this gorgeous, belted wrap skirt for its drapey shape and abstract floral pattern. Wearing an item like this is a great way to subtly nod to the “flower children” of the ‘60s without wearing a more literal floral print.

The belt detail means that you can fit the skirt to the most flattering part of your waist and that the skirt has the potential to suit any body type. We also love that it’s true to the colorful nature of the ‘60s and ‘70s without being overly loud or busy.

  1. 60s Blue High Slit Skirt With Floral Border 

This skirt deserves its place in our list of favorite finds because of its beautiful, straight line and unique slit. It’s fairly common for hippie skirts to come in patterns, making this item stand apart for its more minimalistic design.

Again, we also have a subtle nod to the iconic “flower power.” If you're a fan of simplicity, something like this is the choice for you. Plus, choosing a dark color like navy means the skirt can transition easily from daytime to nighttime looks.

  1. 70s Black Floral Lace Maxi Skirt 

This selection is the best of both worlds when it comes to our favorite aspects of the previous two skirts we’ve discussed. The floral pattern covers the entirety of the skirt, the piece has long, straight lines, and its black base color makes for nice evening wear.

What sets this pick apart, however, is its lace pattern detail. The simple addition of lace has the power to really take a piece to the next level and dress it up.

Clashing Colors

The skirts we just looked at are generally more muted in color than a lot of the clothes of the hippie era, which often sport bright patterns and vibrant, sometimes even clashing, colors. But where did this obsession with colors and shapes come from? 

As we already mentioned briefly, part of what marked hippie culture was their exploration with drug use, most notably LSD, which enhanced the perception of colors, shapes, and textures. This fascination gave birth to clothing with some of the boldest, busiest visuals out there.

If you’re looking for something extra fun and funky and if you like commanding the attention of a room, add some psychedelic prints to your closet.   


Patchwork Picks

Hippies often created recycled clothing and, by combining various different kinds of fabric, were able to create a “patchwork” effect. 

This stunning ‘60s/’70s velvet patchwork maxi skirt is extremely colorful and a wonderful example of the patchwork style. It is made up of several uniquely patterned squares of fabric. Something like this is an excellent choice if you’re really hoping to be eye-catching, and the velvet material adds some extra glamor.

This type of patchwork might be hard to come by, but you can also look for mock patchwork patterns that are just as colorful and vibrant. Look for this style in a cotton or nylon material for a more casual piece, like this ‘60s psychedelic skirt or this ‘60s/’70s multicolor maxi skirt

So far, we’ve looked at quite a bit of bright tobes, but it’s not a fashion rundown without exploring different color palettes.

If your wardrobe is made up of more earthy tones, you can always look for skirts in greens, browns, and blues. This ‘70s earth tones floral prairie hippie skirt has the same faux patchwork that we’ve seen in the previous options, just in a different color palette. 

Best for Fall and Winter

Attention-grabbing, hot pink patterns are super fun, but sometimes we feel like rocking an understated tone (still in a way the hippies would have absolutely approved of). If you’re looking for styles that transition better into the chillier months of the year, look for muted, darker shades. 

This ‘60s black velvet embroidered skirt still includes a hint of those abstract floral patterns we saw in the brighter options above, but the black and white aesthetic is much more fitting as the seasons are turning. This particular piece also has a slit in the back of the garment if you’re looking to show off a little leg, even in a maxi skirt.

We also love this ‘70s plaid skirt for fall and winter fashion. Again, something like this is muted and neutral, and it would pair well with a sleek, black top. Look for skirts made from thicker material like wool if you live in a colder climate, or even throw on a pair of tights underneath your maxi skirt for added warmth. Even though tights will be hidden by your skirt, your chilly legs will thank you!

Hip To Be Hippie

The peace, love, and freedom mantras of the 1960s and ‘70s hippie culture live on through the everlasting popularity of boho style today. Choose to wear hippie skirts not just because they are incredibly comfortable and chic but because of their rich history.

Dressing authentically to decades now long gone is entirely possible with a little dedication to seeking out the best vintage pieces. While we may have one image of what defines the “hippie skirt” in our brains, there is a diverse variety of options at our fingertips, made up of belts, dark colors, hot pink patches, and endlessly fun florals. 


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