How To Wear Animal Prints Now (Celebrity Roundup)

  Animal prints are bold and demand attention when you wear them.

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Animal prints are bold and demand attention when you wear them. Because of that fact, it can feel intimidating to dress up in animal prints. What if they don’t match properly, or what if that particular print is “out”?

It is normal to have these concerns about wearing animal print, but now you can put these worries at ease. Animal prints will never be “out,” and there are all kinds of ways to style them—and frankly, sometimes mismatching is the look. 

The best way to really get a sense for how to wear animal prints is to look at the professional trendsetters. Celebrity status does not always inherently equate to a good sense of style, but the famous folk listed below are the best of the best in terms of fashion. 

Sometimes celebrities really do get it right, and with the inspiration of these fashion figures, you’ll be rocking animal print in no time. 

The Kardashians

The Kardashian family are essentially Hollywood royalty at this point. Though their impact is massive, their fame has been scrutinized greatly. Despite such scrutiny, however, it is an undeniable fact that this family knows how to dress. 

The Kardashians, particularly Kim, Kendall, and Kylie, are giant influencers in terms of fashion and trends in general. These women have shined on the red carpet for years now, and one way they can really be a source of inspiration is with their use of animal print in fashion. 


Kendall Jenner is a bit of a standout among the Kardashian sisters, as she turned her fame into becoming one of the biggest models of our time. Her model status and access to the best of fashion make her extremely credible. 

She has been spotted donning animal prints rather often, with one of her best looks being this leopard print mini dress. The dress is rather simple, but the way the leopard print takes up the entire dress is what makes it so appealing. It allows the opportunity to accessorize and find shoes to add extra flair to the look. 

You can emulate this look by purchasing a vintage leopard print dress of your own, like this dress from the 50’s. By shopping vintage, you’re going to be able to take the look Kendall created and twist it into something similar but new. With a vintage leopard dress, you will feel like a supermodel.


Kylie, like all of her sisters, has acquired a massive following and therefore has a lot of influence over younger fashion. The 23-year-old businesswoman and influencer has experimented with animal print on numerous occasions, and her signature look has to be her affinity towards animal print one-piece outfits

Kylie looks great covered head to toe in various prints, especially in a vintage leopard print jumpsuit. This look is heavily inspired by the 70’s. Look for a jumpsuit with flared arms and legs, and you can spin her style and make it totally your own. 

One-piece outfits are bold, and that boldness is heightened when you add an animal print to them. This style of Kylie’s is brave and unique and a great way to wear animal print. 

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is yet another model with an incredible amount of influence in the fashion world. She is one of the biggest models in the world, and her style is impeccable. 

What Gigi particularly excels at is making everyday outfits look stylish and cool. She is a master of streetwear and a master of subtle animal print. This iconic look of Gigi walking the streets of New York in skinny jeans, a flannel top, and leopard print boots was featured in every magazine, and for a good reason.

The look is casual but has a fun flair with the addition of the boots. The simple act of putting on an animal print shoe can really turn an average outfit into a bold fashion statement. 

It is an easy look to replicate; all you need is an animal print pair of shoes, and you don’t have to feel limited to just leopard print; there are all kinds of patterns to choose from.

You can elevate your outfit with a pair of vintage snake print granny shoes. Leopard print is not the only print that grabs your attention; snakeskin print is such a fun and underrated pattern and can make your outfit stand out. 

No matter what pattern you choose, animal print shoes will complete and complement any outfit, as demonstrated by Gigi. 

Harry Styles

Famous singer and former One Direction member Harry Styles is one of the most stylish men in the public eye. He is not afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion and has no fear when it comes to experimenting with prints and styles. 

A trademark of Styles’ shtick is his flamboyant tour outfits, one of which being a leopard print suit. Harry looked dapper in his suit and really demonstrated that animal print looks good on everyone, regardless of gender or appearance. 

Harry really was on to something with that particular look; animal print suits are a great way to play around with professional attire. You don’t have to stick to solid colors and neutral looks if that doesn’t feel like you. 

Instead, you can try a new look, like this vintage leopard blazer and skirt suit combo. You can copy Harry’s entire style by adding a black button up shirt underneath as well to complete the look. Or, experiment with other colors of shirts. 

If leopard isn’t your thing, you can play around with this vintage tiger print blazer. Tiger stripes are less common in the animal print fashion scene, so you will definitely feel more unique in this particular blazer. 

Regardless of gender, animal print suits are bold and fun and will make any suit and tie event more exciting. 

Influenced By Print

Animal print might feel intimidating, but if these stars can wear them and pull them off so well, you can too. Follow the lead of celebrities like Harry Styles, Gigi Hadid, and the Kardashians, and you will feel confident in animal print in no time. 

There are so many ways to style animal print, whether it's a suit, boot, or even a dress. Your look is out there. Watch and learn from these celebrities, and get some print for yourself.


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