Winter Florals

For centuries, people used real flowers to decorate clothing. In the first millennium, master artisans in Asia first replicated floral patterns on textiles. It was not until the Industrial Revolution when floral fabrics became accessible to all. Shop our vintage Winter Florals collection, and add a little sweetness to your winter wardrobe.
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Animal Print

Animal hides have been used to convey power and status since the rule of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. In 1947, Christian Dior made people fall in love with the print, rather than the fur. Come journey into the wild - and spice up your wardrobe - with a vintage gem from our Animal Print Collection. 

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The End

Since 2012, The End has been a colorful vintage oasis in the Mojave Desert owned by local artist & stylist, Kime Buzzelli. The End is a magical curated vintage & designer shop featuring unique clothing, accessories, textiles, & art.

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