Fall Heritage Collection

Rebellion and prep. Originally borrowed from Scottish clans of the 16th century, the plaid print has had an electric and provocative past. Vivienne Westwood popularized anarchist-inspired plaid on the coattails of the punk revolution in the 1970s. The 1980s launched its era of prep, thanks to style icons like Princess Diana - but the 1990s saw plaid as the unofficial fashion symbol of the grunge movement. The one mainstay - everyone brings out their plaid as soon as the leaves start changing colors.

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Power Suits

Coco Chanel stunned the world with the first “suit for women” in the 1920s, Yves Saint Laurent outraged by including pants in the 1960s – but the power suit was truly birthed in the 1900s during the suffragette movement, when women wore gender bending clothes while demanding their right to vote.

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1619 Silver Lake

1619 Silver Lake Boutique is a space where fashion, ideology, art, and design come together.

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